Setting up an office can be a real challenge on many counts. Firstly, it’s the huge investment you need to make on office space. Secondly, the tremendous efforts required to set up the right kind of facilities take a lot out of you. And once you get these factors sorted out; you still need to focus on the human resources aspect. And even then, you might not get the returns you expect. To minimize risk, you might choose to use end-to-end outsourcing. But in this case, you lose control over your business and resources. Again, not a good idea for your business!

This is where our Virtual Dedicated Employee Services (VDES) enter the picture.

Minimal investment and a remote work center that does all your work for you – This is the core concept of VDES. You get the best of both worlds - The cost effectiveness offered by outsourcing and control over your virtual employees.

For more information view our VDES information pdf.